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What does TopSecretSurfer do?
TopSecretSurfer is a high-speed, secure, private and anonymous web surfing service
that allows the user to surf the Internet without leaving a trail.

Why would I need TopSecretSurfer?
TopSecretSurfer is ideal for just about anyoneís web surfing needs. It can protect
individuals from identity theft and ensure that private information remains private; it can
allow travelers to surf securely over unsecure networks like those at hotels and
airports; and it allows users to circumvent website blocking at schools and workplaces.
Best of all, it removes all trace of the websites users visit, so all surfing is completely

How does TopSecretSurfer work?
TopSecretSurfer uses proxy servers and a VPN to encrypt all information entering and
leaving the userís computer. The proxy servers ensure that the userís actual IP address
is never logged on the sites they visit, and no data from those sites is ever stored on
the userís computer. No cookies, surfing history, browsing history, bookmarks - nothing
about the userís surfing is stored.

What software is included?
TopSecretSurfer comes with the Mozilla Firefox Portable browser and the TSS toolbar

How do I know my surfing is secure?
When the TopSecretSurfer plugin is installed, a small surfer icon will be visible on the right
upper corner of the userís web browser.
The icon is a button to activate secure browsing. When that
button is clicked, the word "On" in red will appear. At that time, all
surfing is secure and encrypted.
When you're browsing on a mobile device (iOS or Android), you can activate the
TopSecretSurfer VPN, and you'll see a small lock or key icon at the top of your screen to
indicate you're browsing securely.

What is encryption and is it important?
Encryption is the process by which plain text is encoded into a non-readable form to
ensure privacy. Encryption has become extremely important to anyone who wishes to
use the Internet for private or sensitive reasons: banking, healthcare, marketing, or
even private browsing of websites. Anyone ďlistening inĒ who attempts to intercept and
read encrypted data would see nothing but nonsense and would gain no useful or
private information.

Does TopSecretSurfer encrypt all of my information?
Every bit of information a user sends is encrypted with TopSecretSurfer. Nothing is left
unsecure or readable by prying eyes.

Can anyone see the time I spend on the Internet?
Because a userís information is encrypted and their IP address is masked, no one can
see how much time the user has spent online or what websites theyíve visited. All of
the userís online activities are completely hidden, and since no files are stored on the
userís computer, there is no trace of surfing history or any other information.

Where can I use TopSecretSurfer? Can I use it in all countries?
Yes, TopSecretSurfer can be used anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Is TopSecretSurfer completely untraceable?
TopSecretSurfer encrypts all data and masks all IPs, so there is no way for anyone to
trace a userís activity. The websites that the user visits cannot trace the userís
presence, and the userís own network cannot see what websites the user is visiting.

What is a digital footprint (or computer footprint)?
A digital/computer footprint is the data trail left behind when someone conducts activity
in a digital environment, like the Internet. This data paints a picture of what activities a
user has conducted online. TopSecretSurfer erases the digital footprint so that there is
no trace of online activity remaining when a user surfs the Internet.

What is an IP address?
An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique number assigned to a computerís network
interface. It identifies a computer and where it is located on the Internet.

How many IP addresses does a user have?
Each interface on a network has a single, unique IP address. If a single computer is
connected to a network, then that computer has its own IP address. If a router is
connected to the network and then has several computers connected to it, all of the
computers share a single IP address (the one assigned to the router).

Does TopSecretSurfer hide my computerís IP address?

Yes. With TopSecretSurfer, a userís IP address is masked so that the computerís
identity and location on the Internet cannot be detected.

What are potentially dangerous sites?
Websites deemed ďpotentially dangerousĒ are those that exist to cause harm to visitors.
Some examples of potentially dangerous sites are those that promote scams, identity
theft, worms, viruses, malware and other undesirable or malicious content.

What is a proxy server?
A proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary between the user and
whatever resources the user is seeking from other servers. The user sends his or her
requests through the proxy server, and the proxy server does the communicating with
other servers on behalf of the user, so the userís identity and privacy are protected and
the userís surfing remains anonymous.

When I use TopSecretSurfer, how do I know you are not monitoring my traffic
through your proxy servers?

We value our users privacy and anonymity above all else. Browsing behavior is never
stored on the proxy servers; it simply passes through and then vanishes. No record is
kept of any surfing activities, file transfers or other actions.

What is a web browser?
A web browser is a software application on the computer that allows users to visit
websites on the Internet. Some common browsers include Firefox, Internet Explorer,
Safari and Chrome.

What is a browser plugin?

A browser plugin is an additional piece of software that, once installed, adds new
capabilities to a web browser that it did not have before. Most browser plugins have very
specific functions; some examples include the QuickTime video plugin (for video
viewing) and the Flash plugin (for viewing Flash pages).

Will surfing through TopSecretSurfer slow down my Internet connection?
All web surfing is slightly delayed when sent through a proxy server because the added
step in the data sending/receiving process takes additional time. With some surfing
anonymizers, this delay is lengthy and frustrating, but with TopSecretSurfer, the delay in
surfing is extremely small. Users may not even notice a slowdown during their

What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?
A Virtual Private Network is a computer network that uses the Internet and the existing
public infrastructure as its foundation but grants added security and privacy to users,
even remote users, within its network. TopSecretSurfer uses a VPN for mobile devices
to anonymize our users, but proxies for our computer users.

What does it mean when a website is blocked?
A blocked website is one that cannot be accessed through a particular network. Many
schools, workplaces and other Internet providers will block certain websites from being
accessed through their networks because of what administrators have deemed to be
unsafe, dangerous, malicious or unsuitable content. TopSecretSurfer makes it
possible for users to get around many of these website blocks since it hides the userís
activity from the network he or she is using.

What is a URL?
A URL is the address of a web page on the Internet. URL stands for ďuniform resource

What browsers are compatible with TopSecretSurfer?
TopSecretSurfer can currently be run on the Mozilla Firefox browser, Chrome and
mobile devices that run iOS or Android. Your download comes with a copy of Firefox
Portable and the TopSecretSurfer plugin for desktop computing, should you wish to use
TopSecretSurfer that way.

What happens if I donít like TopSecretSurfer? Do you have a refund policy?
Of course! We have a 90-day satisfaction guaranteed policy for a total refund. If you do
not like TopSecretSurfer after trying it for up to 90 days, contact us at and weíll cancel your account and refund your entire
subscription price. Also, if you wish to stop using TopSecretSurfer at any time (even
after 90 days), simply contact us to end your subscription, and you wonít be charged
further. Thereís no penalty for canceling at any time!

Does TopSecretSurfer offer Technical Support?
TopSecretSurfer technical support is available by visiting SITE.

Does TopSecretSurfer block pop-ups?

The latest versions of all modern web browsers contain pop-up blocking capabilities,
so pop-up blocking is not necessary with TopSecretSurfer.

Is there a bandwidth limit when using TopSecretSurfer to browse the Internet?
There is currently no limit to the bandwidth usage available to users of TopSecretSurfer,
but we reserve the right to terminate any user access on the grounds of abusive, illegal
or excessive behavior. Additionally, we reserve the right to set bandwidth limits in the
future should the need arise.

Does TopSecretSurfer work with AOL?

If users are visiting AOL through a TopSecretSurfer-supported browser, then yes.

How do I delete/uninstall TopSecretSurfer?
The instructions for uninstalling TopSecretSurfer vary by browser. Follow the
instructions for removing an add-on, extension or plugin from your browser to remove

How many computers can I use TopSecretSurfer on?
TopSecretSurfer can be installed on multiple computers or used on any computer, but
only one user is permitted to be logged in through each TopSecretSurfer account at any
given time.

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