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Since 2010, TopSecretSurfer has been a powerful, portable option for safe, secure surfing to any website from anywhere. Our service is the only one of its kind; we give you security with our private proxies, flexibility with our plug-and-play option, and a positive experience with surfing speed that isnít slowed down like with other products.

Browse the web, watch videos, get around firewalls, even use open networks and public computers without worrying about blocks, prying eyes and other issues. Take TopSecretSurfer with you on a jump drive and never be without privacy and security, no matter what computer youíre using.

We at TopSecretSurfer invite you to try our service today. Itís affordable 24/7 access, and you can cancel anytime without penalty. No contracts, no hidden fees, just a great anonymous browsing service for an affordable price.

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