Downloading and Installing TSS
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When you purchase TopSecretSurfer, youíll see a thank-you screen with TSS download options for either Chrome and Firefox browsers. TopSecretSurfer is not currently available for Safari or Internet Explorer.
Follow the instructions below that correspond to the browser you wish to use. You may use either Chrome or Firefox, and your preference is entirely up to you.
If you don't have one of those browsers installed, download either of them for PC for free here: Chrome Download or Firefox Download.
If you use a Mac and don't have either of those browsers installed, you can get them here: Firefox for Mac and Chrome for Mac
If you missed the download screen when you first signed up for TopSecretSurfer and you need your login credentials resent to you, you can email us at

Chrome Users:
Open your Chrome browser and then follow this link to get TopSecretSurfer. When the page opens, click the "Add to Chrome" button at the top of the extension description. When the pop-up asks you if you want to install it, click yes, install.
The next pop-up will prompt you for your username and password, which were sent to you in email after you signed up for TopSecretSurfer. Once you enter that info, click "close."
You should now see the Extensions screen of your Chrome browser with TopSecretSurfer listed and enabled (if the "Enabled" checkbox isn't checked, check it now).
IMPORTANT: Click the "Allow in incognito" check box under the TopSecretSurfer extension description. This will maximize your safe and private browsing. After you do that, you can close the Extensions tab.
You will now see a small surfer icon in the upper right of your Chrome browser.
To run TopSecretSurfer and surf securely, click that icon. A new tab will open and the surfer icon will now have a little "ON" in red over it. When you see that red "ON," you know you're surfing securely!
To turn off secure surfing, click the icon again, and the "ON" will disappear. A tab will open to tell you you're no longer surfing privately.

Firefox Users:
If you already have Firefox and want to install the add-on, download the XPI file to your computer but do NOT try to open it (it doesn't do anything on its own). You'll need to drop it into your Firefox add-ons to install it.
To install, open your Firefox browser and then find the XPI file in the place where it went when you downloaded it (might be your "Downloads" folder, your desktop, or elsewhere). Pick up the XPI file with your mouse cursor and DRAG it onto the open Firefox browser window. Drop it right there, on the browser.
A pop-up will ask if you want to install this add-on. Select yes, install. After a moment, a small surfer icon will appear in the upper right of your browser, which indicates that TopSecretSurfer is installed.
If you don't already have Firefox but want to use it, download the ZIP file. Then go to where you saved the ZIP file (probably your downloads folder or desktop), right-click the file and select "extract all" to open up the folder. After that, you can double-click the TopSecretSurfer shortcut to launch the Firefox browser with TopSecretSurfer already installed.
Before TopSecretSurfer will run in Firefox, you must log in! To do that, click the three horizonal lines in the upper right of the browser and choose "Add Ons" from the drop down menu. Find TopSecretSurfer on the list of add-ons that appears. Choose "Options" to take you to the screen that will let you enter your username and password.
Once you've entered your username and password, simply close the tab; the browser will save your info. Do not click "remove" or "disable," or you'll have to install TSS all over again.
To run TopSecretSurfer, click the surfer icon on the top left of the browser. A new browser window will open, and the little surfer icon will now have a red "ON" over it. That "ON" means that TopSecretSurfer is running and you are surfing securely! The new browser window will also say you're surfing securely. Your browsing experience is now private until you press the little surfer icon again, which will turn off the TopSecretSurfer function.

Mobile Users:
TopSecretSurfer's VPN is available for most smartphones and tablets. To set up your VPN, use one of these links: TSS for iPhone/iPad or TSS for Android
If you have trouble with any of these steps, check out our Troubleshooting Guide or email us for help.
Thatís it! Oh, we should mention that, should you decide to cancel your TopSecretSurfer membership, your TopSecretSurfer private browsing will no longer work if you try to use it. That should be obvious, though.

NOTE: IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE downloading, installing or running TopSecretSurfer, please check out our Troubleshooting Guide, or email us at We want to make sure you get up and running with safe, anonymous surfing, FAST!

Thanks for using TopSecretSurfer!