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Having some trouble using TopSecretSurfer? Check out our troubleshooting guide! Simply scroll down to see our pre-prepared troubleshooting help. If you don’t see what you need, please email us at - We are eager to help our users get to surfing safely and securely as quickly as possible!

NOTE: If you're using TopSecretSurfer for mobile via VPN and you're having trouble setting it up, please email us at and we'll do whatever we can to help you get it all set up properly.

Q. I forgot to download my TopSecretSurfer file on my confirmation screen - How can I download it and which version do I get?
A. Go here to the Download Page to see the complete download options (Chrome, Firefox or Mac) and select the option that works best for you. In general, the XPI file is for Mac or for those who already have Firefox installed, The ZIP file is for those who don't have Firefox or who want to be able to load TopSecretSurfer on a USB drive and take it on the go, and the Chrome extension is the choice for those who prefer to use Chrome (that one has its own download instructions directly from the Chrome store, but you'll need your TopSecretSurfer login to activate it - again, instructions are on the Download and Install page).

Q. I’m getting error messages that the file is unknown/unrecognized/etc. What now?
A. Since TopSecretSurfer is relatively new, it isn’t recognized by some systems yet. That said, TopSecretSurfer is still completely safe to download and install. If you are prompted to approve the download, please do so. If you use Windows 8 and get a security warning, click “more info” to reach the “download it anyway” option. We take proud in providing safe, secure surfing to our customers, and that includes a completely safe download!

Q. How do I open the XPI file once I download it?
You don’t! Once you download the XPI file, you simply drag the file onto an open Firefox browser window to start the process of installing the add-on. Trying to open the XPI file will do nothing. It simply doesn’t do anything until you’ve dragged the file icon onto the Firefox window, and then the install begins.

Q. How do I open the ZIP file once I download it?
A. Right-click on the ZIP file to see a pull-down menu that includes an option for extract/expand all. Select that option to unzip the file to any destination you like (your “downloads” folder, a USB drive, etc). Once it’s unzipped, open the folder that you just expanded to see the TopSecretSurfer shortcut, ready to use.

Q. I double-clicked the TopSecretSurfer shortcut but it won’t run. Why?
A. Make sure you don’t have any instances of Firefox running already. All Firefox windows must be closed before you run TopSecretSurfer. What SHOULD happen when you double-click the shortcut is that you should see a TopSecretSurfer splash screen, and then the browser opens with the TopSecretSurfer toolbar installed at the top.

Q. I installed the XPI file onto my Firefox by dragging it there, but I still don’t see it there. Help!
A. You have to restart your Firefox to see add-ons after they’re added. If Firefox doesn’t prompt you to do this, you can manually close and then re-open Firefox yourself. The TopSecretSurfer icon should now be there in the upper right corner of the browser.

Q. How do I activate TopSecretSurfer once it’s installed?
A. Click the small surfer icon in the upper right of your browser. You’ll be prompted for your login and password the first time. Enter that info (your login is your email address; your password is what we sent you in email and on your confirmation screen after signing up), and once it’s in there, you shouldn’t have to enter it again. When you see the surfer icon has the word "On" in red over it, you’re surfing securely! Click that icon again to turn off secure surfing.

Q. I entered my password and/or username incorrectly. How do I fix it?
A. In Firefox: Go to the three horizonal lines at the top right of your browser and click. Select “Add-Ons” from the options, and a page will appear with all of your add-ons showing. Click the "Options" button next to TopSecretSurfer. Enter the correct username and password - the info will save automatically. You can then just close the window and click the surfer icon to start surfing securely. For Chrome: Click the three dots in the upper right of your browser and choose "More Tools," then "Extensions." Scroll down until you see TopSecretSurfer. Click the "Options" link and enter your correct username and password in the pop-up that appears. Click "Close." Make sure the "Allow in Incognito" checkbox is checked for this extension to function properly.

Q. I accidentally deleted the email with my username and password in it. How can I recover them?
A. Your username is the email address you used when you signed up for TopSecretSurfer. To get your password, please email us from that email account (so we can be sure it’s you) and we’ll send you your password.

Q. I’m surfing securely, but every so often, there’s a site I still have trouble accessing. What can I do?
A. Some sites with extremely broad security measures may ban IP addresses from large areas, including those where our proxies are located. If that’s the case, there’s not much we can do at the moment, but a fix is in the works! We’re currently working on adding more proxy location options so that our users can cycle through proxies until they find one that best suits their needs. As always, our proxies are private and dedicated to ensure browsing speed and page loading are not negatively impacted by traffic. All this is our way of saying stay tuned - TopSecretSurfer is improving all the time!

Q. How can I use TopSecretSurfer on my mobile device?
A. TopSecretSurfer uses VPN to provide anonymous surfing to our mobile customers. To get VPN access on your mobile device, choose the link to the setup instructions that match your device: iPhone/iPad setup instructions or Android setup instructions. You will use the same username/password that were sent to you in your confirmation email, as well as the "secret" and "server" name (also found in the confirmation email).

Q. I’m having download/install/usage problems that aren’t covered in this Troubleshooting Guide. What do I do?
A. Email us! We know that some of our users have unique computer situations that can prove problematic for the download and install process. We are happy to walk you through the install by email (or even phone) if you have any issues at all.